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From Victorian restorations to brand new office buildings, from restaurants to hotels and flagship stores, Pro Lighting Projects can supply any type of space and architecture.
This is the creative heart of Pro, where we work closely with designers and planners, contractors and primary clients to explore product applications and discover the right ideas and solutions for each project. When owners, designers and Pro come together, good things happen.

Step One. We arrange a meeting and start to define the goals of the project and what level of involvement you require from us. Ideally, contractors and/or engineers should be involved around this stage.

N.B. Pro's services are geared primarily to professional specifiers [architects, lighting designers, interior designers, urban planners, contractors, electricians] – and we encourage you to work with one wherever possible. However, we do enjoy working with everyone, and for private/residential clients, our consultative services are offered on a pre-scheduled hourly and production-fee basis commensurate with the scope of the project and the level of production drawings required.
Step Two. As Pro develops its offer, it consults with the technical team to ensure that creativity and functionality go hand in hand, resulting in a solution that is not just beautiful but also practical.

Step Three: Pro organizes all ordering, shipping and delivery of our goods to the job site. At the installation stage, we remain available to answer questions from contractors or to trouble-shoot, when necessary.

For new-project enquiries, contact Quinn Murph:
+1 202 391 7099, or qm@pro-distro.com.

For MAJOR PROJECTS, click here.