On this page you will find general information

about how we work. For more detailed info,

please see our Terms of Sale + Delivery.

Pricing: Since most of our fittings are sold for projects, Pro's pricing generally assumes and already factors in an architectural discount for projects. We do this because it is transparent: the price reflects the cost. We believe that our pricing is fair and we stand behind it one hundred percent. For custom or major commercial and civic projects, please contact us to discuss a specialized pricing structure.

Lead times: Most projects deliver within 4-8 weeks, depending on the contents of the order and production schedules.

Please note that dispatch dates and lead times are estimates and cannot be guaranteed. We will help you to plan accordingly.

Shipping rates: Freight charges are calculated according to the size, weight, and shipping distance. You will receive an accurate freight quote for all items at the time your project is quoted. We do not offer free shipping because we do not hide freight costs in our prices.

Installation: Pro does not install or organize installation of our products. We highly encourage the use of qualified contractors and installers. We supply excellent instructions for all of our fittings. If you require a referral to an electrician, please download our Electrician Referral list.

Site Visits: Sometimes it is desirable that we visit your job site to check technical details or to determine the appropriateness of our solutions for your project. If we request to visit your site, we will arrange the visit at Pro's expense. However, if you request a site visit for your own needs, we do charge a site-visit fee of $97 per hour, including transit time to/from Pro.