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About Pro

Pro Design Distribution + Pro Design Illuminotechnique offer professional, rational, and organized lighting solutions specifically conceived to integrate with all types of architecture, guided by skilled professionals helping to bring the best out of your lighting project. Pro guarantees a reliable planning and distribution service on North American and international projects at all scales. We believe that a superior project can be achieved through simplification and planning. Consequently, the project with Pro typically costs less than lower priced alternatives.


Pro Design Distribution

Our specification and distribution arm, based in Washington, is the logistical backbone of Pro, from which we organize and deliver efficiently to sites around the world. Pro organizes the shipping to the job site of all fixtures ordered through Pro.

Before and after installation, we remain available to answer questions from contractors or to trouble-shoot, as necessary. For complete information, see Sales + Delivery, below.

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Pro Design Illuminotechnique

Following years of requests to plan and design entirely the lighting projects we were organizing and supplying, Pro Design Illuminotechnique was established in 2021, in Montréal, to fully explore product applications, working directly with project principals to conceive illuminotechnical plans, and discover the right ideas and solutions for each lighting project. It is the creative heart of Pro. Illuminotechnique works on a wide-ranging portfolio of internationally generated residential and commercial projects in both the United States and Canada.

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Sales + Delivery

Sales + Delivery

For more detailed info, please see our Terms of Sale + Delivery.


Pricing: Pro's pricing factors in an architectural discount for projects. For custom or major projects, a specialized pricing structure may be available.

Lead times: Delivery of most projects is between 4-8 weeks. Lead times quoted are estimates and cannot be guaranteed. We will help you to plan accordingly.

Shipping rates: Freight charges are calculated according to size, weight, and shipping distance. You will receive an accurate freight quote for all items when your project is quoted. We do not offer free shipping because we do not disguise freight costs.

Installation: Pro does not install or organize installation of the products we sell. We do encourage the use of qualified/certified contractors and installers.

Site Visits: Sometimes it is desirable that we visit your job site to check technical details or to determine the appropriateness of proposed solutions. If we request to visit your site, we will arrange the visit at Pro's expense. If you request a site visit for your own needs, the site-visit fee is 157 USD per hour.

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Product Partners

Product Partners

To offer optimal solutions for all types of lighting projects, Pro has selected a core group of product partners who represent our values: superior design, innovation, quality fabrication, fair pricing, and ethical practices. Our current range of supplier-partners can be found below.

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Contact Pro

For sales, distribution, design + planning:


We are happy to support your specification and planning. Feel free to contact Pro for any further information or pricing.

Washington USA


Pro Design Distribution LLC

996 Maine Ave SW | 107

Washington DC  20024 USA

T +1 202 391 7099

Montréal Canada

Pro Design Illuminotechnique Inc

1020 rue de Bleury | 2415

Montréal QC  H2Z 0B9 Canada

T +1 514 974 7009

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